How to Customize Your Blogs 404 Error Page

By | March 10, 2009


404 error pages, they can get annoying fast. Sometimes it’s a frowny-face, sometimes it’s the black and white regular one; either way, they aren’t helpful or cool at all.

Well, what can you do to fix this problem? No, not hard code it in. All you have to do is install the AskApache Google 404 WordPress plugin. I found this plugin the other day and it allows you to do whatever you want with you’re 404-error page. With this  plugin, when you reach a 404 page…you won’t even know you’re on a 404 page!  Here’s a short list of what this plugin can do:

  • Show Google search results for images, videos, links, blogs, and so on
  • Show related posts
  • Integrate thickbox for instant preview


The plugin only takes around 5-10 minutes to upload and install, and from there, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. The only catch is that AJAX Google API Key, which you can pick up here.

Download the plugin here