New WordPress Themes for May 11, 2009

By | May 11, 2009

Erudite by SomaDesign


Erudite is a WordPress theme meant for writers or websites that focus on writing contents.  The Erudite is a theme for writers who want readers, not visitors, traffic, click-throughs, CPMs or what-have-you. The design is very clean and simple almost zen like.

Erudite features include 

  • 960px (em-based) grid layout (inspired by, but not using,
  • Non-bloggy home page, giving prominence to the most recent post and excerpts of the rest.
  • Painstaking attention to typography
  • Carefully crafted font stacks
  • Dynamically created pullquotes
  • Dynamically show & hide the secondary content that would ordinarily reside in a sidebar
  • Pretty section divider fleurons
  • A 3-column, widgetized footer
  • Disabled threaded comments (they’re rubbish, but you can turn them back on if you must)
  • Easy Google Analytics support (but don’t go crazy with your stats – write good stuff, the rest will take care of itself.)
  • Ability to turn off theme credit in footer (but why would you do that to me?)
  • Localization ready

Demo | Download the theme

Doc byWp-Content-Themes


Doc is another theme that is focus on the content and writing of the blog.  Doc is a one-column theme, with a fixed width and lots of white space. It almost looks like an actual Microsoft Word document.  The design is very simple and minimalistic and all of the attention is your writing and content.

Doc contains the following features:

  • valid strict XHTML 1.0 markup;
  • valid CSS 2.1;
  • really fast loading: for the test blog (without gzip compression – 0.56′ with a T1 1.44 Mbps connection; 2.25′ with a ISDN 128k connection; 12.17 with a 28k dial up connection)
  • search engine optimized;
  • fixed width (fit to 1024px screens);
  • custom templates (404.php, error message, archive page, page without comments);
  • 3 widgetized areas in the lower section;
  • sticky posts (italics);
  • gravatars;
  • threaded comments;
  • social bookmarks (no plugin needed);
  • white space, for the sake of your readers’ eyes;
  • Microsoft Word-like design;
  • print stylesheet.

Demo | Download the theme