March 14, 2009

Great Minimalistic WordPress Magazine Themes

After reading a comment the other day asking about any great minimalistic WordPress magazine themes, I decided to do some searching and am posting what I think are the best of the best when it comes to great minimalistic WordPress magazine themes.

Mimbo 3.o


Mimbo is probably one, if not the best free magazine theme out there. You have tons of great features including featured posts, featured categories, ad support, and much more. There’s no more using those confusing custom fields; instead, all you have to do is upload an image to your post, and it will automatically call it from that location and display it on the front page…what get’s better than that? You can also sticky posts which will show up in the featured post section on your website.

Demo // Download

WP Freemium Theme


Completely minimalistic. WP Freemium shows the a list of featured articles with the authors gravatar aligned to the left. In the sidebar, you can see you have a bunch of 125×125 ad spaces. Then you have a list of recent articles which is every other article that you have written. The theme is clean, uncluttered, but still packs the great features that any blogger will want.

Demo // Download

Digital Statement Theme


Digital Statement Theme is brought to you by the infamous Blog oh Blog! This theme shows all of your rececnt posts with an image drawn from the post aligned to the left, no need for custom fields. In the sidebar, you have a featured post widget that you can use to show whatever post you want, with the title, description, and image. Then underneath that you have a section where you can write a little bit about yourself or your website or blog. As with all Blog oh Blog themes, nothing would be complete without the tabbed sidebar. When it comes to quality with themes, this has definitely got all of the works.

Demo // Download

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