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June 13, 2009

DIYThemes Thesis 1.5.1 Released

Chris Pearson’s Thesis 1.5.1 is hot off the press.  With the new release, Chris added new features to already incredible Thesis theme.


  • Added post images to RSS feeds: This was an obvious and glaring omission from the time I first introduced post images, and finally, your subscribers will see all that image goodness that your regular site visitors see. All together now
  • Fixed thumbnail dimension overrides on the in-post editor: So yeah, let’s just pretend that I didn’t screw this one up in 1.5, k?
  • Updated the thumbnail auto-crop script: My armchair benchmark testing with WordPress 2.8 and this new script resulted in slightly quicker page load times when using teasers and auto-cropped thumbnails. Supposedly, the updated script will work with more server configurations, too, but I’ll believe that when I see fewer support threads regarding thumbnails
  • Tagline font controls actually work now: [cough] Let’s pretend that these worked in 1.5, too.
  • Changed the way admin scripts and styles are loaded: This began life as a fix for widget compatibility in WordPress 2.8, and it eventually evolved into a more robust and efficient method for loading styles/scripts in all versions of WordPress from 2.7 on up.
  • Moved in-post options to their own master file: Formerly, lib/admin/admin.phphoused all the in-post options, but since these options are such an important part of Thesis, it made sense to abstract the code out into its own file,lib/admin/post_options.php.
  • Added a new nav menu to the options panels!
  • Where’d my sub-headline font controls go? Oh, you—you’re observant. I moved them underneath the regular headline controls, cause that makes a helluva lot more sense. Next!
  • Removed the redundant search box from the “search not found” page: Yeah, this one was a dumb holdover from an age gone by.
  • New Thesis screenshot with the current version number! Confused over which version of Thesis you’re clicking on? Not anymore
  • Styled up a new “cancel reply” button for threaded comments:
  • Moved two lines of conditional code out of header.php: This code is now buried deep in the core files where you’ll never find it!
  • Nuked most of WordPress’ new and overly ambitious rel links in the document<head>: The Thesis canonical URLs take care of this on the most basic level, and better, they don’t imply a nonspecific chronological relationship between post/pages (as WordPress does).
  • Added a few new filters: Check out the list in lib/changelog.txt, but keep in mind that this file is incomplete and should not be taken as gospel. Dev nerds, expect a veritable slew of new filters over the next couple of releases… Pretty soon, the only thing Thesis won’t be able to filter is your water.
  • Myriad pedantic style tweaks and fixes that only a freakshow perfectionist could love.

Price: $87 Personal License | $164 Developer License

Demo Download Thesis Theme

DIYThemes is all about creating best blog framework available on the internet.  Thesis theme focuses on SEO/usability and flexibility. For more information, check out the Thesis website itself.

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  • JK

    June 16, 2009 at 6:16 am

    Can anyone tell me how big (in terms of file size) is the Thesis 1.5.x theme? Are we talking 100s of KBs or 100s of MBs??

  • WP Themes

    June 16, 2009 at 9:43 am

    the zip file is very small.

    Thesis theme is about 300K in size

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