March 12, 2009

2 WordPress Security Plugins You Absolutely Need

Has your WordPress powered site ever been hacked? If so, you definitely need these two plugins to protect your site. While no method is 100% hack proof, installing these 2 simple plugins eliminates many of amateur hackers hacking your site. Even if your site never has been hacked, you should look into installing them for preventive measures.

  • Login Lockdown records the IP address and timestamp of every failed WordPress login attempt.  If login fails after a certain number of attempts, the login function is disabled for that IP address.wordpress-login-lockdown
  • WordPress Firewall creates an extra set of rules to prevent malicious hackers hacking to your website.  It blocks certain SQL commands like Union, blocks executable files uploads, etc.wordpress-firewall

With these two WordPress Security Plugins your WordPress powered sites will be that much safer.  Also remember to update to the newest version of WordPress and use complicated passwords.

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  • dennis

    March 13, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Hi, i am new to wordpress and looking for a minimal wordpress magazine theme any suggestions, thanks.

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